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Series 1: The Genesis Account
This series is a verse by verse examination of the Genesis creation account, and a demonstration that there is absolutely no contradiction between it and the accepted evolutionary history of the universe, our planet, or even life itself.

Series 2: An Analysis and Refutation of the Evidence Presented for the Young Earth Position, and an Analysis of the Position Overall
This series is an examination of the evidence generally presented in  defense of young earth creationism, and a presentation of contrary evidence that stands opposed to the "facts" generally employed by many YECs to defend an ideology that is neither sound nor biblical.

Series 3: Prehistoric Beliefs: A Critique of and Response to Dinosaurs and the Bible by Brian Thomas, for the Institute for Creation Research
A thorough analysis of the booklet Dinosaurs and the Bible by Brian Thomas, written for and published by the Institute for Creation Research. Although it claims to be scientific…

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